South Of The Border Holds Memories…

screen and chesst

Memories were made from this beautifully decorated screen ,and a chest that is chock full of those memories . I didn’t have to go too far to get to South of the Border from San Diego. A hop, skip and a jump and you’re across the border into Tijuana , Mexico. It was probably around 1977 that my husband and I took our children on an extensive road trip from the east coast in our RV across our beautiful country which ended on the west coast in California. It was much safer to cross the border into Mexico then. When we travel I’m always looking to bring home a special something that will always remind me of that particular vacation. In this instance as we walked around Tijuana, Mexico we stopped in a shop that had beautiful hand carved items. There are so many locals selling their wares to tourists willing to pay the price. Part of the fun for my husband was the bargaining process at which time “ I always walked away “. This wooden carved chest and screen have been a part of my family room in every home we have lived in. The chest holds all the pamphlets, books and pertinent information we accumulate about points of interest from our road travels.The screen is just a part of the décor. As for my husband he too is a big  part of the memories I have, which are those of him “toying” with the vendors in a fun sort of way. There were so many visits to Tijuana and I am  amusingly reminded of them calling to him from across the street “HEY ! NEW YORK ! ” EVEN THOUGH WE WERE FROM NJ. I have to agree that they did love his bartering, and enjoyed his antics  and  mostly it was always a “challenge” that HE was up for. Viva Mexico !


  1. I remember it well.